About Mark

Mark was born in 1973 in England and is the son of the talented sculptor and ceramicist, Paul Jenkins. From the age of 15, Mark was involved in art and design, working in his father’s studio during school holidays and then for a while after leaving school.

Mark carried on his love of design and went on to college to study engineering and electronics. After university, Mark travelled the world, working in countries such as Thailand and America, gaining knowledge and inspiration from his time abroad. 

Upon returning to the UK, Mark was drawn back into the art world and went back to working closely with his father. It was here that he gained more in-depth knowledge of ceramics, sculpture, mould making and product design which he is now able to bring to you.

Marks work has been featured in many well known TV shows and magazines such as Channel 4, More 4, Homes and Gardens and The Telegraph.

Our Approach

Research and development is at the heart of Marks’ work. Mark is constantly testing and developing his approach and his processes to ensure that he can deliver only the best, cutting edge, quality, high end products to each and every one of his clients. Each product is fully customisable so they can be made in a range of colours and materials to suit your needs. 

Through the clever use of polymers and Marks specialist knowledge of each material, and even 24 carat gold, Mark creates a beautiful, timeless finish with science backing him up. Mark strives to get better and better with his processes as he knows that to achieve the best, he has to invest. 

Our Materials

Through years of working with many different materials, Mark is experienced in sculpting marble, bronze, stainless steel, glass, granite, ceramic and English seasoned oak to name a few. He knows that by using the best materials along side well executed production processes, he can achieve the perfect look which lasts a life time.

Exterior pieces will not weather or age and interior pieces are designed to withstand the test of time. Mark enjoys designing and producing an ever growing range of functional and beautiful furniture. His products span from bar stools and coffee tables to kitchen worktops and decorative pieces such as diamond polished, cast granite clocks. 

Through years of working in many mediums, Mark was drawn to doing more bespoke projects. He loves working with and combining different materials together to create one off designs. Always coming up with new ideas, Mark often produces specialist one off pieces as well as bespoke commissions and limited edition ranges.

His background in architecture, electronics and engineering means that anything is possible, just contact him and ask!

Our Philosophy

Marks philosophy is quite simply that anything is possible! Utilising a background in architecture, engineering, electronics, sculpture and design, Mark can take your idea and turn it into a reality.

We have created everything from electronic prototypes of a life size Operation game to bespoke furniture and sculpture. Contact Mark to discuss your next piece.

“Very beautiful, a great work of art. Thank you, I love them!”